Legal Malpractice

Legal Malpractice

Lawyers are hired for many reasons, but what do you do your lawyer fails you? What do you do when your lawyers misses the statute of limitations or an important deadline? What do you do when you lawyer lacks the knowledge, skill or experience to protect your interests? Legal malpractice is the failure of a lawyer to render competent professional service to a client. If the client is damaged as a result of the failure, that client may have a claim against their lawyer for legal malpractice.

We believe every client who has been a victim of legal malpractice by their attorney should receive justice. We’re dedicated to fighting for your rights and holding attorneys, and their firms, responsible for the wrongs that they have committed whether it is negligent or intentional conduct. Although attorneys practice law, they are not above it. They can be held liable for their actions.

To win a legal malpractice case, you must prove four points:

  • Your attorney owed you a duty to act within an established standard of care.
  • Your attorney breached that duty by acting negligently, not following through with the agreement or possibly making mistakes which a reasonable attorney would not have made.
  • Your attorney’s behavior caused you damage. This includes proving that the results of your case would have been different had the attorney acted properly.
  • You suffered a financial loss as a result of the behavior.

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