Gordon Melun Maton LLP is a broad-spectrum law firm.  Our areas of emphasis include complex civil litigation, civil rights, commercial litigation, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, personal injury, real property, family law, social security disability, and criminal defense.  We specialize in representing real life people with real life problems. Call us. Let us help you, too.


The lawyers at Gordon Melun Maton LLP have helped clients recover millions of dollars in compensation for losses and injuries. We have fought against some of the largest and most skilled and politically connected law firms in the world. We are better because we have been there.


By working with experts and associating with local lawyers, we can help clients and litigate claims anywhere in the United States.


It is a simple fact: Jurors do not work alone. Neither should you.  We build teams to develop a broad understanding of what you need to win with the jury. We develop a strategy intended to help you and keep you informed as everything moves forward.